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6/30/09 Late Afternoon Clips - Regionals

DC Theatre Scene

Source: Project 24/7
Project 24/7 is to the Source Festival 2009 as Iron Chef is to cooking. In Iron Chef, culinary masters are assigned an ingredient (squid!) at random and told to construct an entire meal (Squid Salad! Lemon Drop Squid Soup! Roast Squid with Béarnaise Sauce! Squid Ice Cream!) around it - all in one hour. In [...]

Lyle the Crocodile
After the beautiful opening scene of Lyle the Crocodile, I’m holding my breath. Could the rest of the production be as good? An hour and a half later, I answer yes. This is children’s theater at its best. I understand why Imagination Stage’s Artistic Director Janet Stanford wanted to revisit this show, which they originally produced [...]

The Producers’ Ben Dibble
With less than an hour before curtain for Mel Brooks’ musical The Producers, actor Ben Dibble sat down with Joel Markowitz backstage at Walnut Street Theatre. Ben is wowing Philadelphia audiences with his gorgeous voice and comedic talents playing the nebishy, blue blanket snuggling accountant and “wannabe producer” Leo Bloom. “It’s [...]

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Culture Club Blog

Stray Dog has a puppy
Stray Dog Theatre has taken a smaller, younger, and even more weirdly-named company, [insert name here] Theatre Project, into its. . .kennel.

Dallas Morning News Arts Blog

Wilkerson to join Artisan Center Theater
It's a real mark of how serious that mid-cities community institution, Artisan Center Theater, is about upping the ante that it has hired John Davidson as artistic director, effective Aug. 1. Wilkerson just directed a successful My Fair Lady for the company -- and that was surprise enough, since Wilkerson is hardly a community theater sort of guy.

Los Angeles Times Culture Monster Blog

* 'Oleanna' will move to Broadway this fall

Chad Jones' Theater Dogs Blog

College Humor’s `Web Site Story’
These crazy kids went and put on a musical!And it’s a canny spoof of West Side Story – more cutting edge, sorry to say, than the revival currently on Broadway.

Seattle Times

Jude Law is set to play Hamlet on Broadway this fall
Jude Law will play Shakespeare's melancholy Dane on Broadway this fall.


Can't Miss It: Tuesday
* ONE SINGULAR SENSATION: James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo's award-winning documentary Every Little Step is finally in Seattle, and we think musical and film lovers alike will ....
* DRAG KINGS!: Okay, so yes we know that Pride weekend just ended, but who doesn't love a good comedy/drag show? Puget Sound drag troupe The Royal Knights will be at the Jewel ...


6/30/09 Late Afternoon Clips - Blogs

Adam Szymkowicz

I Interview Playwrights Part 19: Dan Trujillo


* The 39 Steps continues Talkback Tuesday tonight with Michele Balan



Huffington Post

Brad Balfour: Q&A: Singer/Actress Stephanie J. Block Steps Out With 9 to 5: The Musical
With her powerhouse voice and incredible range, Stephanie J. Block is the most substantial singer of the trio that makes up the stars of 9 to 5: The Musical, a timely re-working of the classic 1980s movie. In both film and stage version, three women working in an office who ...

On Theatre and Politics

NY Innovative Theater Awards
I've got a very interesting meeting with the New York Innovative Theater Awards crew tomorrow. I'll keep you posted about the details. Suffice to say, I'm excited.

The Playgoer

Critic Sues Actor
But not for any reasons you might guess.

The Producer's Perspective

Advice from an Expert: Vol. 9. A Damn Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
I got a bunch o' emails after my blog about my experience in the UK a few weeks ago. One of them was from an actual expat American living and working in London. Since he has such a unique perspective on what and why things are different in the land of fish and chips, I thought we might all learn from letting him have a post. So here's Jason Ferguson . . .


* Klea Blackhurst brings Everything the Traffic Will Allow to the Snapple Theatre Center
* Photos! – Cast of Hair on GMA
* Kelli O’Hara welcomes Baby Boy
* Hair cast members to kick-off NYC Summer Restaurant Week

Steve On Broadway

Agosto Em Osage
Can't wait for the North American tour of August: Osage County to get your fix of Tracy Letts' landmark play?

The Wicked Stage

Deadly vs. Alive
I have to second Isaac on today's "must read": Gus Schulenberg's post at Flux on quality, values, and criticism, triggered by the recent National Summit for Ensemble Theatres. Isaac focuses on Gus's last point, about better ways to share criticism among artists, but having a ...