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Latest Comments

Howard Gradet

In response to: ATW 'Suspended' Messages

Howard Gradet

Thanks for the great work, Andy. Don’t know how I could live without your site. You’ve helped me be the first on my block to know just about everything.
You rock!

 Permalink 02/27/09 @ 15:08
Andy Propst

In response to: 2008 in Review - Some Highlights ("Bests") Month by Month


I had a total brain freeze when writing this. My apologies to Kenny Mellman for misappropriating his show to Justin Bond.

Andy Propst

 Permalink 01/06/09 @ 10:12
Kenny Mellman

In response to: 2008 in Review - Some Highlights ("Bests") Month by Month

Kenny Mellman

Just a short note to say that it was my musical in progress at Dixon Place, not Justin Bond’s! heehee! Nice round-up! and Happy New Year!


 Permalink 01/04/09 @ 20:10

In response to: 2008 in Review - Some Highlights ("Bests") Month by Month

Thanks, Andy, appreciate it!!

 Permalink 01/02/09 @ 21:00
Bill Henshaw

In response to: 2008 in Review - Some Highlights ("Bests") Month by Month

Bill Henshaw

I find your year-end review that focuses on Clay McLeod Chapman to be both perceptive and discerning. I also find it very accurate. Clay’s prodigious output of imaginative and entertaining material reflects both his love of writing and his talent as a writer, a director, and actor and a fine person.I have followed his writing career from it’s earliest efforts and feel confident that he is on the brink of being discovered as a major playwright/author - if not already recognised as a remarkable talent.
All this evaluation may be bias but I believe a valid one. Please keep your encouraging words coming.
Sincerely, (Clay’s Grandfather) Bill

 Permalink 01/02/09 @ 06:58
Seth Christenfeld

In response to: As New Sondheim Bows Off-Broadway, Older, Unheard Sondheim Comes to Disc

“I Believe in You” was written for an unproduced TV musical of the same title–the song SJS wrote for Kukla etc. was “The Two of You.”


Thanks Seth! - fixed it.


Andy P

 Permalink 11/18/08 @ 14:26
gangaprasad tiwari

In response to: PHOTOS: First Breeze of Summer Beginning Previews Tonight at NY's Signature

gangaprasad tiwari

verry nice work

 Permalink 08/06/08 @ 00:59